SA Ridin' Ski Goggle Set

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This season SA brings to you our newest goggles. The setup allows you to change out lenses and straps easily based on conditions and style. Each goggle comes with two lenses that can be changed out with the magnetic quick release feature. In addition, you will receive two elastic silicone-backed wide adjustable straps featuring unique designs. Enjoy the comfort and fit of this goggle on your next adventure on the slopes.

Lenses: The SA Ridin' Ski Goggle comes with two lenses to quickly change your style on the mountain. Both lenses are a grey lens that vary in style, one has a blue coating that provides a mirror look while the other has no coating for a solid black look.

Grey Lens with blue coating: VLT of 3.2% for extremely sunny days

Grey Lens without coating: VLT of 15% for sunny days

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